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River Conon - Lower Fairburn

The river Conon is around 20 miles from Inverness which means it is well placed for visiting anglers in the area. It has some lovely fly water and the Lower Fairburn beat (part of the Fairburn estate) is a great stretch to chase those silver tourists.

Access to the pools is good and there are tracks within close proximity to most pools. The beat itself is very well maintained by the Ghillie Russell, who is a good guy and he looks after his rods well.

Salmon Fishing Scotland
Russell the Ghillie and the “Boat Pool” behind him

With 13 named pools, there is plenty of opportunity to rotate and have a good chance of fishing fresh water, if you were fishing over the course of a week.

One of the most prolific pools is the “Junction“ where the Blackwater meets the Conon. It is a lovey pool and a likely spot to catch lingering fish as they stack up waiting for an opportunity to run up the Blackwater.

Salmon Fishing Scotland
Looking up stream from the bottom of the “Junction” pool

Another of its famous pools is the ”Kettle”.

I received an invite from a friend to come down and fish with him for the day earlier this year. I netted 3 clean sea liced fish for him in the space of an hour - not something that happens everyday, but it shows the potential of the fishing here if you time it right.

Salmon Fishing Scotland
The “Kettle” pool

There is good spring fishing, though the peak is from around June and booking in advance would always be recommended.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can return, as I lost 2 fish on my last visit within 10 minutes of each other and I would like another bash to redeem myself.

If you are interested in booking fishing at Lower Fairburn you can find more information at www.fairburn-estate.co.uk

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